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Moving Home Checklist

These are the essential items you’ll need to check off to keep your move on track
  7-8 Weeks
  Print off this list
  Create a rough budget for your move
  List of items to donate & drop to your Local Charity Bin
  Donate old towels & blankets to your local Vet or Animal Shelter
  List of items to sell (with a backup plan to donate if they do not sell) - be realistic with pricing and allow time for items to be collected
  Find moving supplies on Facebook Marketplace
  Purchase new packing materials, tape gun, tape, stanley knife, coloured marking pen
  Pack smart with these Packing Hacks
  Start packing and stacking your boxes in one area
  Ensure you have Gas & Electricity Connect or Transfer Your Utilities

Check your internet options & Connect Your Internet

  4-6 Weeks
  Take inventory of what needs moving. Do you have any oversized items? Was anything built inside your home (think flatpack constructions)
  Book a removalist, truck hire or confirm your moving team (family & friends)
  Arrange time off work, make plans for your kids and pets on the day
  Create a moving motivation playlist or Listen Here
  Start running down your pantry & freezer - get creative with those canned goods - Inspo Recipes Here
  Understand your cleaning requirements & book a cleaner
  1 Week
  Place an online order from the supermarket to deliver your perishable items
  Check-in with your removalist & cleaner or confirm final times and requirements
  Check items that cannot be moved legally by a removalist under the Australian Dangerous Good Code
  1 Day
  Disassemble any furniture & move all packed boxes into one area to save time
  Finalise pickup and drop off of keys
  Pack your Essentials Box
  Disconnect your fridge/freezer to defrost and transfer any items to an esky
  Disconnect your washing machine & large appliances
  Take a photo of your electrical appliances connections before unplugging them
  Remove globes from lamps
  Secure that car space
  Set your alarm & go to bed early
  Moving Day
  Deep breaths - you got this!
  Add final items to your Essentials Box (remote controls & chargers) and pack it in your car
  Say Hi! to your removalists and direct them where necessary
  Prioritise setting your beds up, fridge plugged in & unpacking your essentials box
  Order pizza from your new local & check your address is visible
  Post Move
  Perform a safety check on your new home for kids, pets and yourself
  Final inspection and handover of properties
  Have a lockout plan (new keys cut or lockbox)

It is a legal requirement to change your address. Follow the links to ensure you do not miss anything - Update your Address

  Organise your house-warming 
  Get out and about in your new neighbourhood!
  Recommend BeMoved to your family & friends 🧡