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Check-In With Your Removalist

Must do before your move day
You are fast approaching moving day and your circumstances may have changed slightly since you booked your move. Even if they haven't, it's a good time to check-in with your removalist and confirm a few things.
Confirm your inventory

Advise of any change to your inventory of items i.e that Ikea shelf did not sell and now needs moving. It could be that you have more items than you originally anticipated, or maybe you were able to sell or giveaway items and there's now less to move.

Large or bulky items

Does anything require disassembly, for example that Ikea shelf you assembled inside your home may not fit through the hallway? Or is anything particularly large or heavy that may require an extra pair of hands?

Do you need an extra removalist?
The removalists, you and your items safety is paramount. If you have oversized items that the number of removalists cannot safely move or if you are unsure. Flag this with them. You can send photos of the items for them to check. 
You as site supervisor

Remember that the removalists do not know where you want things placed, as everyone likes their home set up differently. Consider colour coding boxes, and ensure there is someone at both pickup and drop-off destination to advise of anything that needs to be prioritised to pack and unpack.

Saving time

Your removalists are working on an hourly rate (unless you have a fixed fee move). On pickup, you can move items or boxes to a convenient location. On drop-off, placing furniture and boxes into separate rooms will take more time but may save your back. Where possible have them place the furniture into rooms and you can move the boxes if required.

Confirm arrival time

It's worth texting or contacting your removalist a few days before to confirm their arrival time, giving you peace of mind too.

Ensure there's an area they can park the truck

When you booked your removalist, you would've indicated where the truck can park - maybe it's in your driveway, or maybe it's street parking. But they definitely need somewhere to park the truck (at both pickup and destination) and the closer to your home, the faster the loading and unloading and ultimately helping you reduce cost.

If they need to park on the street, make sure you talk to neighbours and put some cones out on the street to ensure there's no cars parking where you expected the truck to be able to park.


Payment is required on the completion of your move. You will be sent a link to pay your invoice via SMS and email when the last items are being unloaded. You can pay by tapping on the link, and use Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card.

On payment you will receive a receipt and itemised invoice for your records.