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Emergency Electricity Connections

What you need to do for an emergency electricity connection


Please note: Electricity and gas can only be connected on business days, not on weekends or public holidays.

We've worked with our energy retailer partners to provide this checklist of things to be aware of when you arrange an emergency energy connection. 

Provide access
Please ensure clear, unobstructed access to the electricity meter and any pets or animals are contained or removed from this area.
Turn off the mains switch
Make sure that the mains switch is urgently turned to the off position and remains off until power has been restored.
Adult present
An adult is required to be present should the technician require assistance accessing the meter box.
If above is not actioned
The technician will not call ahead and cannot complete the connection and if the mains switch is not in the off position, or if the meter box is not accessible.
Additional charges
Be aware that additional charges may apply if a technician has to re-attend to restore power.

BeMoved will monitor the status of your request and once completed, contact you to check that power is working at your property.